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WTS Spyderco Lum folder

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by -, Jan 1, 2004.

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    This is a very well made knife, as you would expect from Spyderco.

    The blade is tapered like a leaf: broad, flat ground and razor thin along the very sharp serrated edge. The handle's curvature ergonomically relates to your hand for control. The pivot pin is adjustable for wear. The aluminum handle has an Almite coating in Imperial jade green.

    Is pre-drilled so the adjustable Stainless Steel pocket clip can be moved to provide the option of tip up or tip down carry.

    Blade Steel is VG-10, Blade Thickness 1/8", Blade Length 3 3/16"
    Handle Length with Blade Closed 4 1/4", Weight just 2.75oz

    Not been carried or sharpened. Just got this, and really not sure that I like it.

    Let it go for 80.00 + shipping. Paypal OK with me.


    ***Added 01-15-04******

    Would like to trade for either a Benchmade 350SBT or Benchmade 940SBT. Will pony up some $$ if needed.
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    btt with trade info :)