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WTS Springfield loaded railed 1911-Orlando

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I have a original full railed loaded model Springfield 1911. Im the second owner of this great 1911. I had w.birdsong 2 years ago refinish it with black-t. It has after market VZ gator back grips, SA arched magwell and a 4 lb trigger. All work done by professional gunsmith. It has less than 500 rds total. Only 100 since the refinish job. Unfortunetly after pulling it out of the safe after 1 yr, I found a 1 inch light scratch next to the word armory. This is the only cosmetic flaw on the gun. Gun has never been carried or abused. Its in excellent condition. It comes with two standard, mags, two wilson combat mags, and 250 rounds of ammo. Will not split up package. $1000.00 firm ftf

Will ship at buyers expense to FFL only. No trades.

Thank you

[email protected]

Sorry bad lighting.

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interested, but I have to sell my 1911 1st =(
Interested in gun only, not ammo. Would just be extra stuff and extra to ship. Let me know.
You can take $30.00 of the gun $970.00 without ammo. If shipping, it would be actual cost from FFL to FFL. Let me know.
Do you have any pics with the slide forward? Thanks, Josh
I dont have any this time. It will be a couple of days until I can get some.
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