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WTS Speer Gold Dot .38 Special +P 135 Grn

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4 boxes of 50 Speer Gold Dot .38 spl +P 135 grn.

This is the rare short barrel stuff, although it doesn't say short barrel on the box like the new box design. This is the 50 round box with the goldish colored box. It is indeed the same ammo. I contacted Speer before I purchased it to make sure it is the same as the short barrel black box GDHP. The response I got was that it was the same load in a different box and that any of the 135 grn is short barrel stuff. I picked up 250 rounds of this but only wanted 50. I was looking for it for a long time and couldnt find a box of 50 so I was forced into buying 250. I am getting rid of the extra 200.

I prefer to keep this local in the Tampa Bay Area. Looking for $40 per box.

Email me @ [email protected] or PM me here. Email preferred as I dont stop by here as much as I check my email
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Update: price lowered to 40 per box locally. Willing to ship at the buyer's expense as long as the UPS I go to doesn't have a liberal supervisor on duty and will ship. I have found that the willingness to ship loaded ammo varies at different locations.
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