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WTS Smith and Wesson 642 Airwieght +P

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I am selling this awesome carry weapon to help finance a new AR-15 (the war is coming). it has hogue grips (not the Bantham style) along with a blackhawk pocket holster. less than 100 rds fired. all black. if you purchase this week i will include a 50 rd. box of gold dot 125 gr hollow points absolutely free. $500 obo. no low ballers please. email for pics. i can never upload on this forum... go figure

ftf in nc raleigh area preferred.

if i ship the ammo stays.

[email protected]
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I have a 642 that I have carried for over a year now...the only gun I have found with adequate power that will fit comfortably in a front pants pocket.

Be aware that you cannot ship the ammo with the gun; so factor that into your price.
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