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WTS Sig P226 9mm & H&K USP 9mm

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I bought a motorcycle, so I'm clearing out some stuff I don't shoot too often.

First is a Sig P226. Finish isn't anywhere near perfect, but it works just as well as any other Sig out there on the market. Comes with one mag. On the 2nd picture, it looks like there is some "bubbling". Sorry, that's just condensation that I didn't wipe off. It's bloody humid outside!

Price: $400 + shipping (local pick-up welcome).

Top/side view:

Second is an H&K USP. Not sure of the varient, but I can answer questions if needed. It's in LNIB condition and shot very little. I have a Tactical .45 w/ a suppressor, so I don't find myself shooting this much anymore.

The red letters were done with a china marker and can be removed w/ a brush and some solvent. It comes with three HK factory 10-round magazines.

Price is $650 + shipping (local pick-up welcome).

Top/side view:
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts