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WTS Sig 226 Conversion Setup w/ High Cap Mags and 1/2X28 bbl

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by jmack37, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. jmack37


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    Nov 4, 2004
    SE Michigan

    I've got a gently used Sig 226 .22LR kit that I was using on a 9mm 226 as a .22LR host. This a nifty setup because of the high capacity mags. None of this 10 rounds and done stuff! I'm only selling this because I've sold the Sig and have settled on another gun as my .22LR host. This kit worked flawlessly on my gun with an SWR Spectre using CCI mini mags and walmart bulk federal.

    The mags as sold by sig are limited to 10 rounds and do not hold the slide open when empty. All four of the included mags have been upgraded to 14 or 15 rounds with special aluminum folowers that hold the slide open on the last shot.

    The barrel was extended/threaded by Tornado Tech and is just beautiful.

    I've put some where around 600 rounds through this upper.

    Purchased new you'd be looking at 719.80 for this setup plus shipping and waiting.

    Sig conversion kit $313
    Tornado Tech thead job $150
    Sig Mags (X4 @ $31.95 each)
    SigPower Mag follower, spring, plug upgrades (X4 @ 32.25 each)

    I'd like $625 and I'll cover shipping to you.

    USPS MO, gupal (+3%) or paypal (+4%).