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WTS Sidearmour IWB for G19/23/32

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Have a LNIB Right handed Sidearmour IWB for a G/19/23/32 with the tuckable option for $55.00 shipped Thanks

This holster has a 5* cant and is made for a 1and1/2" belt

I will trade for another holster for the G23, OWB or IWB, prefer leather OWB, and for IWB I prefer something like the CTAC where the clips are spread out and not on top of the holster, The sidearmour is just not for me in this FL heat. Thanks
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I had given up on my SideArmor IWB (w/J hooks) for my Glock 30 for 2 reasons:
1. The location of the belt attachments; Makes the overall footprint thicker.
2. The fact that it puts the weight of the rig on the pants & not on the belt.

So I moved onto CTACs. Couldn't be happier.

But out of curiosity I p/u a SA BeltHook attachment when they 1st came out. As it's design was a solution to both of my original issues. It did require a little contouring with a hair dryer. But the end result is a superior support system than the CTAC.

I wouldn't have a need for my CTAC's if SA would make an IWB holster for my HK USPc's
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