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WTS SF 6P/KT1 combo, z41, z44, NIB Fenix Cust, SF e2e switch pics

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by G-2, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. G-2


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    Jan 19, 2002
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    Want to sell my surefire 6P with standard bezel and P60 LA, and a KT1 w/N1. The 6P is mint with 10 minutes on the LA, the KT1 is great with minor wear on some high spots, with flawless optics, the N1 has less than 5 minutes on it. This is 2 lights in one. Use the 6P with the bezel and P60 LA, or use the 6P with the KT1 and the N1 LA. This is two very different lights with excellent options for usage. You can also use the KT1 head with an N2 LA (if you can find one), with your 9P, or your 6P with a +1 cell extension (which will allow you to use a variety of LA’s that work with the M3T). I will sell the entire package for $118.00 paypal’d & delivered ConUS. Will ship non-ConUS at additional expense. I will separate and sell the ONLY the KT1 for $74.00 paypal’d & delivered ConUS, and will ship to non-ConUS at additional expense. No trades please.
    SF z41 HA push for on, twist for constant on $12.00 paypal’d & delivered ConUS
    SF z44 BK bezel w/glow in the front $12.00 paypal’d & delivered ConUS
    want to sell my new in the box MillerMod Fenix L1P (modified by Eric from a 1watt led to 1.7watt led). light is new in the box. opened to test. comes with box, papers, sheath, lanyard, spare o-ring pack and spare tail cap. $65.00 paypal'd & delivered ConUS

    Not Pictured is an e series switch push for on, twist for constant (just like the z41 but for the e series), the color is HA $12.00 paypal’d & delivered ConUS

    First ‘I’ll take it’ post on the thread gets it.Thanks