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Kahles CL 2-7x Multi-zero
-Flip-up caps
-Like new, used on a 308 for a few hundred rounds
-No ring marks

Multi-zero lets you zero for 5 different ranges, or loads. Could also use on 5 different guns if you wanted, each with its own zero.

These generally sell for $900 new, $700 on discount. More info here from Kahles site:

The Kahles CL has excellent glass with excellent low light performance. I have compared it to a Leupold Mark IV and the Kahles was much brighter in low light. SWFA scope scale list it above all others except Swaro Z6 and Zeiss Victory, but above all the Leupolds, US Optics, Nightforce, etc.

Sell FTF in Portland, OR for $500. Will consider shipping later.
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