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WTS S&W 357 Model 13 with 3 inch Barrel

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by florida1098, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. florida1098


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    Feb 10, 2008
    I have a S&W model 13-3 3 inch from 1988. I bought it new in NYC when I was a cop there. Fired less than 25 rds the gun is like new and you could'nt tell if it was ever fired, never placed in a holster. The 13 is pretty rare and 3 inch is extra desireable. I would like to sell it FTF in S.Florida for $650 or trade for a new never fired Glock 20 or 29. Only those two weapons please. Gunbroker has these 13-3's for up to $1500.
    Thanks Charlie
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    Jan 1, 1970

  3. lwt210


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    Nov 28, 2001

    Is this the same one you posted about buying on 1-24-2009? Or is it a different gun?

    Have about $500 I can spend on a toy. There is a S&W model 13-3 heavy 3 inch barrel new, with box and papers for $500 or can buy another Glock 27. I already have two w/ 10 mags. Iknow the 13-3 is a scarce item from 1988.
    The revolver is an old FBI issue model but the Glock is more a combat pistol. Not really into the whole AR thing. So 13-3 or G27. Or just keep money for 40 cal ammo

    Hey I thank-you all for your replies. I have a few extra minutes so this is gonna be a rant which goes every where, I grew up on service revolvers 1970"s NYPD. I just like them. I feel Glocks are superior service weapons and superior combat weapons. If heading into a bad place I would prefer a Glock. I have a G29 2- G27's work G23 and wifey G22 work. I am not familiar with rifles, in NYC they were only allowed for special units, and I was lowly patrol for over 20 years. I have my original NYPD model 10, my wifes NYPD 64, and brother-in-laws NYPD Ruger Police Six. I do not need another gun. Every so often I check in with a local shop (mistake). I recently sold a LAPD model 19-4 new never fired in presentation box because I was trying not to be a collector. I got $350 from a neighbor and it went to a great home to be used for hunting. It had a 6 inch barrel. Not for me. I was saving up for another 40 cal Glock, just something to strive for and give me a reason why I am still working 12 hour f----g shifts. Anyway, this model 13-3 3 inch Smith has been at the local shop for a week. I knew it would sell this weekend. It was at least $100 too much but the original box, tools, and never been fired were a nice bonus. Now, like most of us I need another gun like a hole in my roof. But, for some reason, I own it now. Keep an eye on me, it may be for sale soon.
    It looks awkward as heck w/3 inch barrel but does feel nice.
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