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WTS - S&W 19, Walther PPK Mossberg/Maverick 99, 30-06 Hi-Standard 22- SoCal

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Will ship for $25.00 if they accept from a private party.

S&W 19-3 4 inch pre-lock. I don't know the round count. Some wear around the crown. This is a shooter, not a safe queen. I just picked up a 686 so I don't need it. $475.00

Walther PPK/S Stainless 380 ACP Pristine condition, comes in the box with the test target and a spare mag. This is the good Interarms model Made in the USA. $500.00

SPF - Hi Standard Double Nine 22 Revolver Superb Condition, I have never shot it in over 2 years and don't know the round count. $225.00

Mossberg Maverick 88 12 Gauge 18 1/2" 2 3/4 and 3 inch Mag. Shotgun. Good condition and never have had a single problem with it. I just got an 870 last week so I don't need this one. $250.00

Interarms Mauser Mark X 30-06 Bolt gun. Superb condition. Had it over 2 years and never fired it. $325.00
Might be made in England, since it says that on the receiver, but nothing on the gun says "Made in ...."

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