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wts ruger, 1911, glock mags and holster TEXAS

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-2 NEW 10/22 Clear 25rd Butler Creek Hot Lips - $30shipped

ONE NEW Glock 27 9rd w/ #8 follower - $21shipped new price is $20shipped

TWO NEW Glock 22 4th gen15rd w/ ambi cut in the front and #8 follower - $42shipped

THREE Glock 19 4th gen 15rd w/ ambi cuts in front $62shipped

-1 Springfield Armory Blued 7rd 1911 fullsize gov't mag
-1 Kimber Blued 7rd 1911 fullsize gov't mag both for $30shipped for both. $27shipped for both.

Trades: Only looking for 20rnd Black Magpul Pmags or Pmag ranger plates at this time.
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OKay, youre next in line sir!

here are pics of the g19 4th gen mags. also avail are g22 and g27 mags. all new in package, but wont be shipped with the package for easy mailing.

and sig 556 30rd mags w/ 2 mag couplers. $55shipped.

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