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WTS: Rhodesian Army Swiss Roamer watches

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by rrrgcy, Jun 23, 2007.

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    Jan 20, 2000
    *Posting this on behalf of a watch seller who also puts on professional watch and trade collectibles shows. He doesn't follow firearms, and I'm unassociated other than having had a great experience buying from him. He has lots of great vintage and mil watches!

    Only some Roamer watches available now. Quite rare & Great pieces of contemporary armed conflict history. Swiss made Roamer watches were sourced as war material apparantly from South Africa for the Rhodesian Army during their 1970's war. We all know today this country is Zimbabwe - what that communistic form of govt did to that country is a shame. These are 70's swiss made hand wound mechanical watches black dialed silver cased Anfibio marked and retain original RA-serial# caseback engravings to show provenance. Further this seller purchased in bulk (in parts and whole form) from an England Roamer authorized repair facility many years ago. Some casebacks were marked for South Africa (ZA-Zuid Afrika - serial#). I've seen the bulk pics from this seller and wow he has a nice lot to draw from and repair which came from that facility. Remember many of these were repair pieces and he's brought some to life! Check with Girard S per below for inquiries. $150 + ship. Pics are w/ featured Rhodesian FAL (sold seperately, when available for sale from my personal collection!).

    For inquiries, please contact Girard directly at and PLEASE let him know you came from the Glocktalk community!