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WTS: Remington 870p police walnut stock set (NV)

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Up for sale is 1 (one) 99.9% condition authentic Remington 870 "POLICE" walnut stock set taken off a NEW 870 police shotgun. This stock set fits any Remington 870 12 gauge shotgun. For example: (Wingmaster, Express, Police, Tactical, Marine etc. etc.) Any and all 870 12 gauges....

This stock set includes both butt stock bolt and recoil pad screws for easy assembly. The butt stock also has installed on it, a NEW Remington R3/limbsaver recoil pad, which is a excellent upgrade for any shotgunner. Yes this recoil pad reduces recoil tremendously!! (keep in mind, this R3 recoil pad alone has a $30 value)

The pictures below are representative pictures only, your stock may vary, but only in the pattern of the walnut grain. Please take a minute to look through my trader score, review the comments made by past buyers, you will see for yourself that everyone has been EXTREMELY happy.

[span style='font-weight: bold;']Price is: $80+ $10 shipping[/span]

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Do you still have 2 fn slp shotguns?
Do you still have 2 fn slp shotguns?
Nope those sold months ago
BUMP, 870p stock still available
1 - 8 of 8 Posts