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Rem. 700PSS with HS Precision stock in new condition. Comes with a Jewell 700 HVR with safety and bolt stop. Trigger set at 14oz.

Scope is a Leupold Long Range Tactical M3 3.5-10x with bullet drop compensator, four BDC knobs. It has a mil-dot retical with ARD and Butler Creek lens caps.

Scope was purchased from Premier Reticals and is crystal clear. Scope is mounted to the rifle using GGG rail with 20MOA built in. Badger Ordnance standard height sniper grade rings.

Hicks Design bolt handle modification as well ( Badger Ord. bolt knob and three torque screws installed into handle.)

The stock firing pin has been replaced with a Tubbs Speed Lock firing pin and silicon firing pin spring to increase lock time. Also included is a Blackhawk tactical cheek pad, Harris Bi-Pod, tactical sling and Browning Travel Valut.

Barrel was broken in properly and after break-in the bore was always cleaned after every 15 rounds using a bore guide and top of the line cleaning solvents as well as a Dewey cleaning rod. No SS brushes have ever been used either.

The rifle shoots 1/4" groups at 100 yards with Federal Gold match ammo.

Rifle is in pristine condition. Not a mark or blemish anywhere. Total of 320 rounds fired.

Asking $2600.00. Fell free to make a reasonable offer.

You could not build a .308 sniper rifle today like this for under 3k IMHO.

FTF in NJ OK. No trades. IM with questions. Don't post in the ad unless your the buyer.

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