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WTS Remington 1903-A3

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Alpha06, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Sep 12, 2007
    Hey Guys,

    In case there are some of you on the forum that might be interested in a nice old military warhorse, here's something to look at.

    I'm reducing my personal collection down a little more. Up for sale is my Remington 1903-A3. Serial number 4,005,***. When I bought it, the hand guard didn't match and the wood was covered in a laquer/varnish. The bluing is a little thin in some areas and the parkerization is very good.

    I completely cleaned the stock and a beautiful walnut appeared. I bought two brand new handguards made by American Bowling & Billiard Corp. (I was told they are USGI) to replace the mismatched one. All wood has had numerous applications of boiled linseed oil hand applied over several weeks. Then the same was done with 100% tung oil. All metal was cleaned and has been oiled regularly.

    I installed a brand new extractor also. The bolt locks up tight. There is no shake or looseness. The rifle has had exactly 20 rounds fired through it since I bought it. It performed flawlessly and has been a safe queen ever since.

    The barrel is marked RA 9-43 with the flaming bomb on the front and a P underneath. It is a 2 groove, shiney, and smooth.

    There are a lot of parts marked with an R: magazine cut-off, stacking swivel, upper band, lower band swivel, rear swivel, safety. There might be some others, but these are what I can see just looking the rifle over right now. Also, a circled P on the grip.

    I will include the original mismatched hand guard, the extra A.B.B.C. hand gaurd, and the original extractor. Also the following extra parts since I won't need them anymore. I haven't opened the parts bags. They are as I received them.

    (2) NIW Remington marked extractors.
    (1) NIW 1903-A3 Bolt
    (1) Bag of 1903-A3 Parts. The seller I bought the parts from listed the parts as this:

    All parts are new, unissued. everything is "R" marked except for the stryker (unmarked) all are parked except for the rear swivel (blued) and ejectors (blued)

    you get the following:

    1. stryker rod assy
    2. stryker
    3. spring
    4. sear pin
    5. detent spring (qty 5)
    6. detent (qty 5)
    7. ejectors (qty 2)
    8. safety's (qty 2)
    9. rear swivel
    10. rear sight aperature spring

    Price is $800.00 + $35 for shipping/insurance/delivery signature requirement to your FFL. I believe this rifle also qualifies for a C&R license.

    *****SOLD PENDING FUNDS*****

    Thanks for looking. :wavey:
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