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Am listing this for a good friend of mine. He has an almost-new Remington 1100 12-gauge shotgun made for LEFT HAND SHOOTERS. This is the Magnum version that shoots 3" shells, and has a 30" vent-rib Full-Choke barrel. This is a beauty he bought back in the 1980's, and has barely had a box of ammo put through it in 20+ years. It's in EXCELLENT shape.

The stock is beautifully grained walnut, with very nice checkering in the palm and forend. The bluing on this shotgun is easily 98%. The only flaw I saw was on the stock where there was a slight varnish mar on the left side. You could polish/buff it out with a little elbow grease and love (does NOT go all the way to the wood), but I didn't even notice it my first look-around.

Asking $500 FTF in Houston, or + $15 shipping to an FFL that accepts from individuals. Please email me if interested...serious inquiries only.

PLEASE NOTE: The "mottling" on the stock in the pic below is simply sunlight coming through the trees above, reflecting off of the stock. It is NOT discolored. This is a close-up of the shallow varnish mar.
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