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PRICE DROP on the Swenson Slide Assembly was $285 - NOW $250

Really want to move this before Christmas. Thanks!


I am selling my Glock 17 OEM upper and a Swenson g17 upper. Both are full assemblies. I used these both for my P80 build. I purchased the Glock slide as a new take off and put 50 rounds through it to ensure my P80 lower functioned with an OEM upper. I then purchased the parts to "build my own" upper with a Swenson slide and barrel. The Swenson setup has 300 rounds on it and both functioned flawlessly. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the Swenson slide and the tightness of the slide/barrel lock up. These slide/barrel combos are underrated to say the least. I have moved on to a couple of Zev slide builds so I no longer have a use for these.

Prices below include USPS Priority Mail shipping w/insurance. Discreet PayPal is preferred but I will accept USPS money orders well. Feel free and PM me if you have any questions or to make an offer.

**SOLD** Glock 17 Slide Assembly - $365

**SOLD** Swenson G17 Slide Assembly - $250
  • Swenson G17 Slide
  • Swenson G17 Barrel
  • Glock Upper Parts Kit
  • APEX Safety Plunger
  • Meprolight Night Sight
*Brand New* Zev Concealed Carry Mag Release Gen1 - Gen3 – $25 Each or $45 for 2
These are no longer made by Zev and these are last of them.

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