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WTS : Playstation 1 & 2 Video Games ( and some FREE VHS tapes too)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by glock281, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. glock281


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    Feb 20, 2003
    My son wants to get rid of some games and vhs tapes he has. So I told him I would help him out.
    All games are complete in case with instruction book unless noted

    On these we will only be doing checks or money orders payable to him (he is 8 and is going to open his own savings account, trying to teach him the Dave Ramsey way)

    **Will Take $135 for everything Shipped**

    Shipping is negotable.

    Playstation 1 Games (Will ship in dvd cases)
    Disney Monster Inc Scream Team (no front cover) $4
    Spyro the Dragon (no front cover) $3

    Playstation 2 Games
    WWF Smack Down (no artwork or instructions) $3
    Namcomuseum (Packman, MsPackman, Digdug, Galaga, 10 games total) $10
    Airborne Troops Countdown to D-Day $8
    Disney Treasure Planet $8
    Eyetoy AntiGrav $8
    Batman Rise of Sin TZU $8
    Disney Incredibles $12
    Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius $8
    HotWheels Stunt Track Challenge (No Instruction Book) $7
    Disney Stitch Experiment 626 $12
    DragonBall Z Budokai (No instruction book) $8
    Gundam Journey to Jaburo $12
    Time Crisis II $10
    Disney Finding Nemo $12
    Capcom Classics Collection (22 Games - street fighter 2, ghosts n goblins, etc...) $12
    Batman Vengeance (No instruction book) $8
    Scooby Doo Night of 100 frights $9
    Enter the Matrix $7

    Purchase 5 Games Get a Free VHS

    MIB (no box) $1 (Free with purchase)
    20000 Leagues under the sea (no box) $1 (Free with purchase)
    ET (original) $2.50
    Batman Forever $1.50
    Happy Gilmore $2
    Daredevil Vs Spiderman $2
    All Dogs go to heaven $2
    Pokemon $2
    Anastasia $2
    Gremlins $2
    Akira $2
    Toystory $2
    Batman Beyond $2

    Computer Games (take all 3 for $10)
    Math & Reading Excelerator $4
    Achieve Grades 1-3 Math and Science $4
    Achieve Grades 3-6 Writing & Language Arts $4