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WTS - PGC Acryillic Duck Call

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I bought this call a year ago to practice while I drove around in my truck. never been in the field and hardly blown on. mostly just sat in my console for a few weeks, then in my gun room in its box.

needs to find a home with someone that'll use it for its intended purposes.

originally costs $125 (as seen on the box)

color is mallard green with a silver ring. its in great condition, no deep scratches or gouges. quacks like its supposed to.

its a damn nice call, but my wife bought me a matched pair of RNTs for xmas that year.

I'd take $65 shipped for it.
half price of a new one. I believe there's a lifetime warranty, but not sure.

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I'll also consider trades for AR stuff, maybe mini14 stuff, spydercos, and g19 stuff.

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