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Up for sale today i have a 20" Bull Barreled Remmy 700 chambered in .223.
The gun has about 12 rounds through it. I took it to the range to break the barrel in, ran out of time, and had to come home, and it sat. Found out that I dont really like rifles anymore. There is a Bushnell Banner 6x18x50 mounted on the top with leupold mounts and rings. Rifle has a hogue rubber stock from factory.
Please note: The scope was mounted but never sighted in... so you'll have to do your part.
Gun is practically LNIB. I've adjusted the trigger to about 2.5 lbs. My pull gauge is toasted so i'm not for certain. Could be lighter.
Cost is $750 for rifle,mounts,and scope or $550 for just the rifle\ and mounts.
I'll trade or sale in state near the Nashville area. If you want to drive up here\meet halfway thats fine. Email is [email protected]
Will take trades on HK's, Sigs,glocks, or nice 1911's on this one.

Looking specifically for a Glock 19, Sig 229 or 228, Sig 220, USP45. Other handguns in 357 sig or .45 will be considered. Plus or minus dollars in accordance to the trade value of the firearm. No rifles please.

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