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I have a Eagle CIRAS Maritime Ranger Green with extras.
It is in excellent condition. There is no rips, tears, or anything wrong with it. It has just been sitting in my closet since I bought it.

The Large CIRAS fits S, M, L, and XL SAPI/BALCS plates.

Size: Large (The jacket size can be adjusted to fit just about any size. S to 3XL)
Cost of the CIRCAS- $495.00.
2x double M4 pouched...$45.00 ea.
Double Pistol Mag Pouch..... $40.00
Admin. pouch....$35.00
Total- $660.00 plus shipping costs.

I will sell for $525 plus shipping (It will have a tracking number when shipped)

E-mail me at : [email protected]

E-mail me for pictures. I will add some up later.
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