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The barrel has had between 100-150rds fired through it (most 5-6 shot or 10-12 shot groups to test it against the aftermarket barrels I've been getting--for an eventual post).
This OEM barrel did as good as any aftermarket with 147gr, and tied some with 124gr (at 15Y and 25Y).
It wasn't as good as the KKM and Barsto--and tied one of two Wilson Combats--with 124gr and 115gr at 25Y (it beat the other WC).
I'm selling it to help fund the next barrel (maybe a ZEV or a second S3F since I didn't do a good test with the first one). No need for this now that I have plenty of pics of the OEM barrel with various ammo.

$60 shipped to lower 48. (Lowered Price!)
Discreet PP or PP +3.5% preferred or USPS MO.
My feedback (+116) at arfcom is perfect, so I'm GTG. But feel free to email for a pic if you want one.

I do have some pics of what the barrel will do at 15Y and 25Y (remember, I'm not a great shot):

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