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Camera is in pristine shape, well cared for, less than 5000 shutter cycles, upgraded to latest firmware. No worn marking, scuffs or scrapes. It has always been in a case when not in hand. All cables, manuals, battery, charger, etc. included. I bought it with the kit lens, sold lens last year but still have original kit box if interested in boxes.

Additional accessories I am including: Two Lexar 512mb Compact Flash Cards (1-12x, 1-40x), Camera bag, infared remote, extra Nikon branded battery.

Nikon 24-50mm lens


For comparison sake there are 3 Nikon “entry level” DSLR. The D70 was the first, followed by the D70s. This model has a little bit larger preview LCD, it also had newer firmware that fixed some things, changed some things and improved performance in certain areas. No other functional differences that I am aware of between the D70 and D70s. The D70 can be upgraded to the D70s firmware (mine has been upgraded) so with the exception of the smaller LCD, it is effectively the same camera.

The D50 is a different beast all together. Nikon dropped some features and changed things to offer a lower price alternative. The D50 uses SD memory instead of CF and has different functional specs. I am not sure of all the differences, but is definitely a “lesser” camera.

D70 Main features are:

6.1 megapixel - Don’t be fooled by this “low” number compared to today’s point and shoot camera at 8mp or more. Pixel count is secondary to sensor size. 6mp on a sensor 3 times the size of a $300 8mp point and shoot is actually going to give you better color saturation, more detail, less noise, etc. because the individual pixels are much larger. A larger pixel is more sensitive to light and captures more data with less noise.

I have cropped shots and printed to 16x20” with equal or better results than 35mm film from the D70.

ISO 200-1600 in 1/3 ev steps

Shutter 30 seconds to 1/8000 of a second, bulb in 1/3 ev steps

Flash sync to 1/500 of a second

Metering – Spot, center-weight, 3D color matrix

As far as the rest of the technical specs, too much to list here, but all can be found at:

The D70 is solid camera. I am trying to turn my photography into a business and have moved up the D200, that is the only reason I am selling it.

Happy to answer any questions. we(DOT)wilson(AT)verizon(DOT)net
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