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WTS NIB Cooper Arms 57-M chambered in .17 HMR

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Brand new in box Cooper Arms Model 57-M Classic chambered in .17 HMR. I had the opportunity to hand pick this one out of 3 my local dealer had available a few years back. Beautiful wood on this one. Buttstock shows very nice "flame" or fiddleback as some call it. Forearm is nice also, just doesn't show as much "flame" but has nice figuring. As noted, this gun is New In Box and everything about it is perfect..... I wouldn't have bought it if there was a single thing I didn't like. Has the factory included Leupold bases. Unfortunately I am laid off and need the money badly. I hate to get rid of it :( $1200 shipped to your FFL

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Bump. Price reduced from $1300 to $1200 shipped
Bump for a super high quality, very accurate rifle. You can take out varmint a lot bigger than you think with .17 HMR.
Bump :wavey:

Need to sell this one by the end of the month. No trades please.
Sunday Morning Bump :wavey:
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