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This is a NIB 239 SAS. It was supposedly test fired 7 rounds, but doesnt look like it.

This has all factory papers, box, etc. Ready for you to pay less then retail.

I am interested in trades possibly. But have to get cash out of it as well.

I would entertain $775 shipped cash.

Or possibly a long gun or some sort. No hunting rifles or shot guns, maybe a tacticool shot gun. I might take another hand gun, the dirtier , uglier finish the better plus cash of course. I am really not looking to let it go for less then $475 cash and another gun unless it floats my boat.

If you need pictures of a factory nib 239 sas I have a few of it. Just email. I just figure everyone knows what a 239 sas looks like.

This one is beautiful like it should be.

[email protected]

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