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Wts - new bianchi mdl 7105 lh accumold cruiser holster - size 12

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by riflenut, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. riflenut


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    Jan 6, 2006
    Good Ol' USA
    I am offering for sale a BRAND NEW LH BIANCHI AccuMold CRUISER holster. This holster is still on the original hangcard and has never been on a belt.


    Here are some specifications from the Bianchi site:

    Model 7105 – AccuMold® Cruiser™ Duty Holster

    The Cruiser is a high ride duty holster that positions the pistol close to the body. This traditional design is ideal for administrative personnel and others who are not in a high risk patrol environment. It provides the most comfort for those who spend a great deal of time seated in a vehicle or at a desk.

    •Finish: Black
    •Carry: Strongside
    •Top-draw holster with AccuMold® trilaminate construction for duty use
    •High ride
    •Unique Coptex™ inner lining that helps protect gun finish and provides a smooth draw
    •Ideal for law enforcement use with 50% greater density foam than standard civilian AccuMold® holster
    •Adjustable thumbstrap
    •High ride
    •Quick-Slide™ injection molded belt loop fits up to 2.25" (58mm) belts
    •Closed muzzle

    Size12: S&W Models 411, 909, 910, 915, 1076, 3904/3906, 5904/5906, 5924/5926

    I received this holster as part of a trade deal, and since I'm not a lefty I have no need for it. This holster is $49.50 + tax/shipping if you bought it from a retailer.

    My price: $15.00 Shipped in the USA

    I accept USD, USPS Money Orders, or DISCREET paypal only

    First to EMAIL me and say "I'LL TAKE IT" gets it

    Thanks, & HAPPY NEW YEAR!