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WTS: misc stuff = closet cleaning

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by hambone_22345, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. hambone_22345


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    Feb 10, 2000
    South AL, USA
    Need to sell some stuff I have no need for. Postal Money orders or face-to-face in SE Alabama. Email me at helmses(NOSPAM) remove the "(NOSPAM)". All items are plus shipping/insurance, zip code origin for shipping estimates is 36301.

    Reloading stuff

    Approximately 5 lbs. Winchester 748 powder in 8 lb. jug, $45 plus S/I

    1 lb. unopened jug of Hodgdon 335 powder $15 plus S/I

    1000 ct. brick CCI 400 Small Rifle primers, $10 plus S/I

    800 CCI 450 Small Rifle Magnum primers $8 plus S/I

    1000 ct. box IMI .224" 62 gr. M855/SS109 projectiles with steel penetrator core, I know I sectioned one of these to look at the core, so say 995 left in box, paid $68 plus shipping from Wideners, take $50 plus S/I

    500 Hornady 55gr. SP w/ cannelure .224 projectiles $25 plus S/I

    600 M-13 links for M-60 MG, from Malaysian .308 I delinked and shot in my FAL, $12 plus S/I

    RCBS Primer Pocket Swaging set for large and small primer pockets, excellent condition in box with all accessories, for removing military crimp, $18 plus S/I

    500 5.56mm cases, cleaned, deprimed, primer crimp removed, military mixed headstamp, once-fired, $20 plus S/I

    1150 Winchester once-fired 5.56mm cases, all "WCC91" headstamp, have primer crimp, deprimed, $40 plus S/I


    3 boxes 100ct Winchester white box, 115 gr FMJ 9mm, like they sell at WalMart for $10.96/box, plus 1 box 50 ct. Federal American Eagle 115 gr FMJ, plus 1 box 20 ct. Federal Personal Defense Hydra shock 135 gr., all for $45 plus S/I
    ***sale pending***

    FAL stuff
    STG58 furniture set from FAC kit from about 3 years ago including buttstock and buttpad, pistol grip, handguards, BS is coated with bedliner in good condition, pad is good, handguards are good with coat of baking lacquer, $35 plus shipping for the set

    Tapco old-style (fixed hook) US charging handle, $17 plus shipping

    Rem 870 Express shotgun barrel, 12 ga., vent rib, Rem Choke, good condition with modified choke installed. This barrel came off my "house broom" and has seen probably ten boxes of shells at the most, $90 plus shipping

    Trijicon Reflex 12.5moa triangle, app. two years old, still bright, comes with RX14 flat top mount for AR15, rubber lens cover, box, manual, allen wrench, $315 shipped.

  2. ubimow


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    May 13, 2002
    Interested in the shotgun. Can you email me a picture?