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**Latalis is SPF**

Hello all, family emergency forces huge sale. I didnt want to ever sell this badboy but the need has come so somebody is going to get a sick custom auto folder at a sick price. This is my sunday knife and has been carried about 10-15 times in its life, but never sharpened and is still wicked sharp. The Latalis is no longer made by Mercworx, and has the strongest lock-up of ANY auto knife I've ever had. The blade is CPM S30V and has a factory "hand-rubbed" finish. This is the model with the aluminum handle and carbon fiber inserts. This knife has no problems and is my baby, but the family comes first. Included is the original box and black zip case not shown in the pics. First Ill take it here gets one hell of a custom, American knife @ $200 shipped CONUS. Discreet Paypal only Email me @ [email protected] or PM me here.

Thanks for looking,

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