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$399 MEGA AR-15 complete lower, contains the following parts:

MEGA Gator Stripped Lower Receiver
DPMS Lower Parts Kit
Magpul Basic MIAD Grip
ACE AR-15 M4 Socom Buttstock w/ Buffer Accessories

It's completely assembled, never used, and has been sitting with an upper on it and a full magazine in a safe. Never fired, just sat there. These are all pretty common parts, so I don't feel the need to take a picture, but if someone would like one, that won't be a problem.

It is available to Washington State residents for a FTF in SW WA (Clark County area). I'll be in Seattle at a Mariner's game on the 15th if someone in the area between SW WA and NW WA area is interested in a FTF. You'll need a WA State DL and I'd really like to see a CWP. I require a bill of sale to be signed.

I would be willing to ship out of state to your FFL if that FFL will receive shipments from individuals, or you pay my FFL's fees. You pay shipping via USPS Priority with Insurance. And yes, I require you to purchase insurance.

Payment can be with USPS Money Order only. If FTF, USPS MO or Cash will do.

Feel free to call me with questions, PM, or email. Email will probably be the quickest way to get a hold of me.

(360) 903-2146
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