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WTS Masters of Defense Mark I AUTO

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by c4igrant, Jan 21, 2004.

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    Nov 14, 2001
    Both knives (serrated or plain) are NIB. Retail is $380! Asking $299.00 delivered per knife. I accept Visa, MC, Discover, PP (without fees) and money orders. Please e-mail me with any questions


    FEATURES A CARBIDE WINDOW BREAKER AND EXTRACTION RIDGES ON THE FACE OF THE DIETER SIDE HILTS!!! The year 2000 Blade Magazine American Made Knife of the Year! The CQD® Special Operations Tactical Folder by trainer Duane Dieter is the one of the most signifigant collaborations to emerge from the M.O.D. R & D center in the hills of North Carolina. Constructed of the most advanced materials available, its operating mechanism is computer machined to tolerances one-thirtieth the width of a human hair. Like all M.O.D. knives, the Dieter CQD® knife is milled from solid bars of T-6 aluminum with blades of 154cm cryogenically heat treated steel. The final assembly is hand-fitted by master craftsmen, giving you the perfection of a custom knife, with the accuracy and durability availed by 3rd millennium computerized milling techniques. Built on the same machinery used to make missile guidance systems, Dieter's tactical knife features a plunge lock system, secondary safety lock, a secondary blade that acts as a cord ripper/cuff cutter, Dieter side hilts, a modified spear point broadening blade, and military anit-slip grip inserts. Brutally strong, it is designed by the world's leading close quarters defensive fighting specialist, trainer of the world's most elite special operations units. All CQD® folders pass the stringent inspection procedures demanded by tactical knife authority and Jim Ray. It is available in matte bead blast or proven stealth black titanium-carbonitride coating, with a plain or partially serrated cutting edge. This is a knife that can keep you alive. Offering both utility and astonishing defense capability, the Dieter Spec Op's knife is a new level of personal weapons craft. M.O.D.'s tactical knives are regarded by many as the most advanced production tactical knives in existence today. Since their introduction, they have become the tool of choice of black-ops specialists throughout the defense industry."



    Sheath (included)