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WTS: Makarov, East German, Caliber 9X18 Greenville, SC

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East German Makarov 9X18 Makarov Caliber (1964 Model), $295 Plus actual cost of shipping
Condition is good, there is some holster wear around the muzzle on the left side, and there is some wear on the front strap of the pistol; not rust at all, but no metal showing. The front sight is slightly dinged, but doesn’t affect accuracy or sight picture; point of aim equals point of impact for me. The rifling in the barrel is sharp, clean, and has no rust or pitting. The trigger pull is ultra smooth and light; a real pleasure to shoot. It has been 100% reliable with all ammo that I've tried except the Silver Bear 115 grain hollow points; they will hang up on the feed ramp. Comes with two Bulgarian magazines, and original East German grip.

Not looking for any trades at the moment.

Your FFL must be willing to accept a shipment from a Non-FFL. Payment via postal money order or cashiers check.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts