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Wts-m1a socom16 nib ------- dfw

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I have a new in the box M!A SOCOM16 that has never been fired (outside of the factory). It comes with 1 mag and the box. It has tritium night sights. The one thing I had done to it was, I had a Smith Interprise Push button bolt release. In case some of you are not aware, after the last round is fired the bolt stays open. A stock gun you would have to roll over or reach over with your opposite hand and release the bolt...very akward. This is a "push button" bolt release similar to the AR 15 platform. You can keep your sight and not have to roll the gun over or do a funny little dance to release the bolt... just push the button ! Its very practical.I am asking $ 1800.00 FTF in DFW, Texas
You can email me for pics, and I will send them if you request but I assure you there is not a scratch on it and it has never been fired.
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Got any pics?

I wouldn't be interested but I have a buddy who might be and he is in Frisco.
Where the hell where you a month ago when I was trying to get one of those!!!

Even in dfw too!!

Bump for a great rifle.

Comeon!! :) :) :)
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