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life has taken over and the economy has taken its toll. I hate to do this but all of my Romy stuff must go. I divided it into lots below.

lot 1, the "small internal parts, pins and springs" lot:

this lot has all the things you will ever need to keep your gun running for probably a century or more. All new romanian. included are:
1 recoil spring assembly
2 gas piston pins
2 wound trigger spirings
1 pivot pin
4 pivot pin e-clips
2 trigger pin sleeves
3 extractors
3 extractor pins
3 extractor springs
3 disconnector springs
3 firing pins
3 firing pin retaining pins

lot 2, the "almost complete MINT NEW kit" lot:

this lot is all brand new romanian parts acquired over time to form an almost complete kit. this is all the best parts i could find. none of the part numbers match however. included in this lot are:
1 complete recoil spring assembly, mint
1 new tapco gas piston with retaining pin
1 reciever cover. not quite new, but excellent condition!
1 complete bolt carrier assembly. no scuffs, looks unused.
1 complete bolt, VERY minor wear, only cosmetic.
1 gas tube, somewhat rough, but i havent seena gas tube that was shiny ever
1 barrel nut retaining pin and spring
1 complete buttstock cleaning kit
1 new FCG retaining plate
1 mint barrel with perfefct rifling
1 US made hex shaped barrel nut
1 NOS near PERFECT unissued buttstock
1 new selector switch
1 used hungarian magazine (thrown in for the heck of it)
1 upper handguard, MINT, no cracks
1 lower forward vertical grip handguard. the most perfect ive ever seen, looks museum quality. numbers in the side.
1 new handguard retainer
1 new mint romy leather sling, unissued, NO wear or tear
1 mint unissued pistol grip, excellent marbling, no dings, nicks etc.
1 new pistol grip screw and nut
1 new tapco g2 double hook fire control group/trigger assembly
1 new mag catch spring and pin
1 new wound trigger spring
2 new pivot pins and e-clips
---Alternate pics available (board wouldnt let me post more then 5 pics)
Splitting lot, will list unsold stuff later

I am in Richfield, MN. I accept paypal with a 3%fee, money orders or cashiers checks.

first "Ill take it" followed with a detailed PM gets said lot!

This listing is on another board as well so first come first serve! I know i have zero posts on this forum but i have lurked around here for a long time. you can also check my feedback on ebay under user shadeone

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