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**SOLD PENDING FUNDS** a LNIB (less than a month old) Smith & Wesson 438 Bodyguard J frame .38 SPCL revolver. This gun is mint and has had about 150 rounds fired. It is +P rated and weighs in at 15 oz. This gun has a shrouded hammer for double action fire and single action for accuracy. I have added a new set of factory service grips and a new matte blue Tyler T-grip. This gun comes in the factory box with all paperwork, lock, and fired case. In addition i am including 2 Desantis Speed clips, 1 New Galco Protector Ambi leather Pocket Holster, and 1 New Galco RH Leather Stow-N-Go IWB Holster. I also have 15 rounds of Federal Hydra-Shok 129gr +P JHP, 20 rounds of Magtech First Defense 95gr +P SCHP, and 20 rounds of Magtech Guardian Gold 125gr +P JHP ammo. The ammo can be purchased with or without the 438 package.


$465 + $15 shipped for the 438, speed clips, and holsters to lower 48
$500 + $15 shipped for entire package with ammo to lower 48 - Lower Price for FTF in Pittsburgh PA area

$45 shipped for ammo if sold seperately.

Email me at [email protected] with questions, first one to email me an I'll take it gets it. **DO NOT SEND PM's, EMAIL ONLY**


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