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WTS: Kimber Pro Raptor (S.Florida, will ship)

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GUN is SOLD!!! GUN is SOLD!!!

Thumb break holster and additional mags are SOLD!!!!

IWB and CarJacker Holsters still available!!

Custom Grips still available!!

Pictures are to show the remaining holsters and grips.

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All PMs responded to. Thank you all for your interest, but I am not currently looking for trades. To mass answer, I will consider parting out the package, provided there is enough interest in any of the other items (HYBRID and additional magazines have been sold). I was just interested in providing a complete deal for someone who might like to simply add ammo and hit the range.

Thank you again for looking.
The black holster with thumb-break has been sold. I will consider selling off the other holsters and Wilson Mags separately, so don't hesitate to ask/make an offer.

In addition, please RE-READ the for sale post. Nowhere does it say that I NEED to sell this handgun, so kindly refrain from PMing ridiculous low-ball offers.

Thank you all for looking.
A bump for a good man.

Andre is a great person to deal with. On my deal with him, there was great communication and very fast shipping. If I hadn't purchased three Kimbers already this year, I would be looking into his also.

But.... need to keep the wife happy for a while ! :rofl:
Thank you Dave for the kind words, it is greatly appreciated :cheers:

To answer a few more PMs: YES, I will sell the pistol separately (no box, but I will provide a small range bag for it) along with 2 Wilson 47D (with metal SLIM baseplates).

Price for Pro Raptor and 2 Mags is: $1095.00 (shipped to your FFL)

All other items are available, PM me if interested.

Thank you.
That sir, is a beautiful pistol....
Thanks Mike for the compliment!

1911 is Still Available, thank you all for looking.

There's a guy on that's trying to trade a .44 mag Desert Eagle for a Kimber Raptor, if you're interested.

I'm up in the Palm Beach County area. If your local and wish to check it out, let me know, thanks.


I did see that, and it's awfully tempting. Thing is, I never use my .50AE either. It's been sleeping in the safe longer than I've owned this Kimber. I was actually looking at a .50 fitted 1911, then realized I probably never use that either.

Still, it would look nice in the line-up :)
Thank you sir!

2 Holsters and Custom grips are still available!!
Thank you Sir!!

Extra holsters and extra grips still available, but will be posted in the accessories listings instead.

Thanks again for everyone's interest.

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