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WTS: Kahr CW9 (9mm) FTF in KY

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This ad is for a Kahr CW9, 9mm 7 round single stack pistol. These pistols come with one magazine from the factory, but I am selling this one with two magazines.

I am the original owner of this pistol and have fired exactly 230 rounds through it. 15 of these rounds were Remington UMC hollow-points, the rest were Blazer Brass. The factory recommends a 200 round break-in on all their pistols. This work has been done for you! I have experienced ZERO malfunctions with this pistol. A fellow member has also shot this pistol and can attest to its function, if necessary.

I am in the Northern Kentucky area and, at this time, would like to do a face-to-face sale with another KY resident for this pistol. My asking price is $400.

Thanks for looking!

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Hey, do you still have the Kahr? I'm in NKY too.
Have a transaction pending this afternoon. I'll let you know if for some reason it falls through. Thanks for looking!
Nice meeting you. Thanks for a great transaction.
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