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WTS in VA: Springfield Professional w/ Light Rail

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This is a Springfield 1911A1 from the custom shop. This is the railed version of the FBI Professional guns made by Springfield's Custom shop....This gun is fairly rare. For those that don't know, the Springfield Custom shop makes a certain number of these in a given time, and the FBI takes the guns they need. The rest are then made available to the public. If the FBI claims all the guns in a period, then none are available to the public.

I am the original owner of this gun, having purchased it roughly 6 months ago new. It has well less than 1000 rounds through it. It is my last 1911 and my last .45. I had my shoulder reconstructed completely (and somewhat unsuccessfully) and the weight of the gun as well as the recoil of the round is uncomfortable for me now (all 9mm from here on in). I love the gun, and had decided to keep ONE 1911, and this was going to be it. Unfortunately, given the way things are right now I can't justify to myself keeping a gun that I don't use.

It has had the following modifications made since it left the factory:

1) I had an armorer replace the rear sight with a 10-8 rear sight. The original Novak rear sight will be included. I did black out the dots on the Novak sight, but that should be an easy fix.

2) I put a little Orange sight paint on the front sight to make it stick out a little more.

Other than that, the gun comes with everything it came from the Pro Shop with, including the 6 magazines "tuned" for the gun, certificate, blank Springfield Loaded coupon, etc.

There are some additional things that are included:

1) A Kramer horsehide IWB holster for this gun (right handed)

2) An additional wilson combat magazine

3) A blackhawk single stack mag carrier

This gun, if you can find it, retails for $2500, before you include the accessories. I will sell it for $2000 shipped, $1950 FTF in VA

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