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WTS in VA: 3 Glock 17 10 round mags

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Hey all, I have 3 good condition used Glock 17 10 round magazines. They are used but in decent working condition. I have tested them in my G17 and they functioned fine for 20 rounds thru each.

Sold in one single lot.

$33 with shipping included.

Thanks for looking

I am in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia
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Wed bump du jour
I may take em pending a few questions
pm sent
How used are they, and do you take paypal?
How used are they, and do you take paypal?
The magazines, feed lips, inserts are in excellent condition, the base plates have numbers on them along with some paint, but that in no way detracts from the stability/dependability of the magazine. I shot 20 rounds from each magazine from both my Glock 19 and Glock 17 with absolutely no issues, as expected from a Glock OEM magazine.

The inserts all have: 2183-1 stamped on them. As to when made? That is up in the air with magazines.

Yes, I do take discreet paypal, my account is, pm'd to you should you want them.
SOLD to me. Thanks.
LOL, they are indeed sold to you. PM inbound.
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