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My attempts to sell my P228 and XM193 to pay back my "boss" (ie wife) for my recent indiscretions failed, so I guess I am down to selling this...

THis is a Wilson CQB Compact, in the black on green two-tone configuration, with the green front night sight and yellow rear tritium inserts.

It is literally in near perfect condition for finish, not even a semblance of a minor "idiot scratch"....

I am the second owner, so I don't know the exact round count, but its less than 100 from me. I am too recoil sensitive since my shoulder reconstruction. in the interest of full disclosure, I had a few FTEs with Remington green box ammunition....don't know if thats the ammo, or what, some people say the ammo is notoriously light loaded, but its there....

I would like $1375 for this FTF in NoVA, or $1425 shipped for it...

A disclaimer: I am leaving Wednesday afternoon for a 10 day road trip; if you want the gun shipped, I will ship it for $1400 if you will overnight your FFL and PMO to me before I leave (basically to pay your overnight cost) so I can ship it before I leave....

If you are in NoVA, and will meet before Wednesday, I will knock it down to $1350 FTF as well if you will meet before Wednesday...

It comes with the Wilson rug, with all documentation, test target, etc,, etc. This is almost $1000 less than what you would pay for this gun new...and Wilson doesn't care what line you are in ownership...lifetime warranty...someone is going to get a great deal....


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Tagged. Working on getting the funds.......

Need a good 4 wheeler?:whistling:

Edit: I see you edited with "SPF" status right when I was posting. If the deal doesn't go through, let me know. I'll see what I can do.
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