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There is no easy way to say this....I have spent too much recently, and therefore am in hoc to the these are some duplicates, etc. from the safe that I need to sell in order to make up the cash I have spent:

Before I begin, a few caveats:

1) I am not interested in trades currently. I am in deep. Those of you that are married understand. My wife is very understanding of my addiction (she bought me a M82A1 as my 10th anniversary present)....she also is beginning to look at rehab programs....'nuff said.

2) The prices you see are FTF. I will ship these guns for $50, FedEx Priority Overnight, to your FFL. That is non-negotiable. The last I gun I shipped cost me $61, and I have a FedEx account, so you are getting a deal as it is.

3) I am leaving for 10 days next Wednesday night. So if it is a FTF, it needs to be completed by then, or it can be done the weekend of the 23rd when I am back. If it is being shipped I need cash and FFL in hand Wednesday mid-day so I can ship before I leave Wednesday evening, or you wait until I return.

4) For you FTF guys, I live in SW Prince William, and prefer VA Arms as a meeting spot. That can be negotiated, but as a stay at home dad my leash is 6 and 2 year old boys.

5) Please don't lowball. All of these guns are extremely fairly priced. I have been selling firearms on the net for a while now, I am privvy to values. You are getting good prices. Can you find it cheaper? Maybe, maybe not. All my guns are taken extremely well care of, and you will get good service from me.

Ok, thats it...on to the fun stuff:

1) SOLD PENDING FUNDS H&K P30: I had this on here a while back and got so tired of being lowballed I took it down. Its back. I am the original owner, and it comes with everything an original comes with. It shoots like a dream. I am not a DA/SA guy. I would like was $640 now $620! FTF for this gun.

2) Sig P228: this may be the steal of the group. This is an original, two tone, nickel over black Sig P228 in the Cardboard Box (reinforced over years with tape). It has matching serial numbers on the slide and frame, and it IS a W. German frame. It is KB date code. It comes with dimming Sig night sights, 3 15-round Mec Gar mags, 1 10 round mec gar mag, and 1 10 round sig mag. The only thing not original Sig is the plastic grip panels say "P229"...easily replaced...yes, this is the same type of gun Jack Bauer used in season 1 and 2 of "24" you can know Jack....I would like was $640 now $600 for this FTF as well.

3) SPF G17 9mm Kit Sold, This is a 3rd gen G17 . The G17 comes with still fresh true dot night sights and a Vickers Tactical extended magazine release, as well as two high capacity magazines. I WILL separate the kit and G17....$475 for the G17,

4) SPF OD G19: last but not least, a G19. This gun has exactly 183 rounds through it. It has Warren Tactical sights on it, with a tritium front and all black rear, as well as the Vickers Mag release. Comes in factory box with 2 mags. $475 FTF

I also have 2000 rounds of XM193 sealed in the factory case for sale for $700 FTF; thats $100 less than it would have cost you at Nation's 2 weeks ago
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