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Need cash to pay for recent purchases so I’m thinning the herd. Sorry, no trades.

This is one of the most fun rifles you will ever shoot. Cinder blocks? Check. Engine blocks? Check. Wild boar, black bear or buffalo infestation? No problem. Zombies just killed the neighbors and are slowly trudging up the street to your house? They don’t stand a chance. The sheer destruction this round is capable of is stunning.

I put this rifle together about 4 years ago and it has been fired less than 200 times. I personally have fired 150 rounds and a buddy that I sold it to and later bought it back from put less than 50 through it. It is in excellent shape and all the best parts were used to build it. Here are the specs:

- Alexander Arms Overwatch 16” upper
- Muzzle Brake installed by local gunsmith – his own design, similar to Vais – very effective recoil reduction
- Mega Machine Co Gator Multi-Cal lower receiver
- DPMS lower parts kit minus trigger
- JP enterprises Competition Trigger Kit (trigger, hammer, springs and anti-walk pins)
- ACE Skeleton buttstock
- ERGO Pistol Grip
- Aimpoint Comp M2 4 MOA
- LaRue Aimpoint quick-release mount
- 2 x 7 round Alexander Arms magazines

Also included in this sale will be the following:

- 86 rounds of factory loaded AA 325gr JHP
- 65 rounds handloaded 335gr JHP
- 68 rounds handloaded 335gr flat point
- 40 once fired brass
- 111 335 gr JHP bullets (Midway’s house brand)
- 110 335 gr flat point bullets (Midway’s house brand)
- Lee .50 Beowulf Die set

This would cost you $2400 to buy all of this stuff new, if you could find it – which you couldn’t. I will take $2100 shipped for the whole package or $2050 for a FTF sale in or near the TC metro area of MN. FTF purchase offer will trump any other offer. Payment by USPS money order only, or cash for FTF sale. Shipping will be via UPS or FedEx Ground from my FFL to yours. I will not break up the package – if this doesn’t sell I will keep it all. I have 2 other rifles listed for sale and if they sell first I will keep this one.


E-mail me at: [email protected] or PM through the board to contact. More pics available, just ask.

[email protected]

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