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**SOLD!** Last of my gun closet clean-out stuff!
New FMCO CSV-M10 combat/utility vest w/patrol pack, This variation of the CSV-M10 vest has 4 MAGAZINE POUCHES and 2 large UTILITY POUCHES replacing one magazine pouch on each side of the vest, for a total capacity of 8 magazines. Each pouch features an adjustable quick release buckle, and will hold a 1 QT CANTEEN (not included) or a 140 RND BANDOLEER. The two back webbing attachment points are included as well. More info here:
Like-new Medium ALICE Pack w/quick-release shoulder straps
Excellent condition UTG tacvest w/interchangeable pistol/dual mag pouches
Russian "OMON" tacvest w/integral Makarov holster & dual-use mag/shotshell pouches
6 AK mag pouches
2 Claymore pouches (I used them for drop pouches)
1 new/never used Blackhawk shotgun tactical sling
All for $225 shipped.

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