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WTS- HK USP .45 Compact/ Kimber Custom II w/ NS Jax, FL

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I hit a rough patch and need to raise funds ASAP. I have an HK USP .45 Compact that has never been shot and a Kimber Custom II with NS that too has never been fired.

Either one $750. Feel free to pose questions.
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Kimber is sold. HK still around.
Come on fellas,....... someone help 'Cartman out!
$750 for a NEW HK 45 Compact,.....?! :wow:
Damn it Cartman, I was looking for one this weekend and bought a P7 that I got a good deal on, if I had seen this it would have been gone already.

Is it still available? Im interested in Miami, FL FTF or Shipped to FFFl, whatever u prefer, thanks!

Email to: [email protected]
BTT for a great guy, I've bought a couple from him in the past and he's honest and easy to work with.
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