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Wts: Hk psp

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I have a Grade B psp I purchased about 5 months ago. I have shot it several times and found it is just not for me. I am asking for 650 plus shipping. I can provide pics on request but it is in good shape for a Grade B pistol.

Will come in card board box and one magazine.

I am located in South Florida
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I already own one or i would be interested!
Would you be interested in a trade for an excellent USPc SS 9mm?
Hey Disregarded, sent you a PM.
never got the pm. Still available.
You said you are located in South Florida? I am located in Broward and I will take it for $550 if we can meet up somewhere.

**** If this falls through, please keep me in mind*************

It is amazing. I have had this up for days for a local sale. The gun is SPF or I would happily do the deal. Sorry man.
That is a pity! My son Ricky would have liked the gun, I pointed this out to him and he waited too long.
congrats on sale very nice guns have several p7's and m8's
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