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WTS: H&K P30L – FTF Houston

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HK P30 Longslide in 9mm
Variant 3 (DA/SA with Decocker)
Standard 3 Dot "Glow in the Dark Sights"
2 - 15rd Mags
Box/Manual/Etc Included

extra mag also available for $50

willing to trade for: +/- cash
Glock 21SF
Kimber 1911 TLE II
Saiga 12
Remington 700P .308
Ruger LCP

let me know what you have

this gun is in PRISTINE condition

last I saw it was $850 at a gun show, thats without tax, without parking fees, and without entry fees, don't even ask about gun shops, 1000 easy if they even have it in stock

$745 FTF Houston ONLY
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