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MFI Fake SOCOM style Supressor/Silencer (aka Fake Can) for HK USP TACTICAL PISTOLS.

I had this Fake supressor for practice and drills. I sold my USP Tactical and no longer need the fake supressor.
I am selling this for $104 shipped CONUS. (PP+3.5%, MO)


HK USP Tactical .45 Cal (16mWhat makes the MFI SOCOM Fake Silencers (USP TACTICAL) UNIQUE for all other real or fake silencers is:

They are made specifically to take the punishment from LIVE FIRE! Unlike lesser quality mock silencers made for the HK USP Tactical or HK SOCOM Mk. 23 the MFI version ALLOWS the weapon to CYCLE WITHOUT JAMMING WHEN FIRED SHOT AFTER SHOT! Please note that depending on the ammunition that you use the last shot lock back on the slide may or may not be effected.
While we do NOT have unlimited funds and time to test every ammunition on the market we back up the above statement with a list of types of ammunition that we know for a fact work with this item. We assume that there are some types of ammo that will not work with this item and we relay on our customers feed back to keep us informed.

The following work 100% / allow the weapon to cycle WITHOUT JAMMING:

Speer Gold Dot 45 200 Gr. GDHP +P ACP
Wolf 45 230 Gr. Copper FMJ (Standard)
Remington Golden Saber Gov. Spec. 230 Gr.Brass Jacketed Hollow Point.
Hornady TAP 45 ACP 200 Gr.
CorBen 45 ACP 210 Gr.
Remington UMC Gov. Spec. 230 Gr. ACP. m left hand threaded barrel)
[ I personally tried WWB 230gr and works fine]
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