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WTS GSG-5 w/ extra mag

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I am trying to unload a real nice GSG-5 22lr. This is the beautiful 22 clone of a HK MP-5. Has fixed stock and the 16" barrel w/ the fake suppressor. Comes w/ the box, warranty card, manual, unused factory trigger lock, unused factory multi-tool and cleaning brush, several front sight blades of various heights, sling, the 22 round mag that came w/ the gun, and a 22 round mag I bought. I shot 4 mags (88 rounds), cleaned and put in the safe. AK date code. Lot of fun for the plinkers or bunny hunters! $450 shipped. Thank you for looking! My FFL to yours. Sales only to places where it is legal to have one.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts