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sold pending funds

WTS GSG-5 Carbine .22lr + 4 mags, EX condition

This little gun is a blast to shoot. The ONLY reason I am selling it
is to fund a dedicated .22lr upper for my AR so I can use my can without
having to SBR the GSG. I don't need both. Otherwise, this one would
be a keeper FOR SURE.

This is the rifle version of the newest generation. I purchased it NIB
in Nov 2008. I have taken it to the range approximately 6-8 times at most
and would guesstimate round count to be around 1k. It is in excellent
condition (some would say baby'd) as it rides in a Pelican and lives in
my safe. It runs great and has only the very infrequent FTF attributed
to cheap, bulk rimfire ammo. I feel confident selling this gun to someone
that is ready to get in some good, cheap, fun shooting. Several folks here
have shot this rifle. I can name 2 that purchased one after shooting mine.
Unfortunately, one of them was just last week ... before I decided to sell

I have mounted a rail on top (included in the sale) so it is optics ready.
This price includes a total of 4 (four) 22rd GSG factory mags. These retail
for $30 each. If I can find them ... I also have an extra set of screws
with loc-tite already applied. I haven't needed them so they were never switched out.
I have the original factory cardboard box, the owner's manual, and the orange
handled multi-tool.

Asking price is $525 FTF in Athens, GA or $550 shipped to your FFL.

I will post pics tonight. I can't access Photobucket from work.

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Priced fair to move quickly. I can have this thing to FedEx in no time.
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