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WTS GPS Unit: (Garmin GPS 2+ / $150.00)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by LAWDOGKMS, Mar 2, 2005.



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    Jun 11, 2001
    This is a good GPS unit, that I just don't use anymore, since my office bought me another one..

    I've used it both on my motorcycle, and in the car..

    It is "like new", without a scratch or anything, because I take really good care of everything I own..

    It comes with the book and the box..

    It gives "true speed", accurate to 1/10th of a mph (I've been told), altitude, it sets automatic waypoints, and other stuff way over my head!!

    It's not "state of the art", or the latest-and-greatest, but these units are tough, reliable and get good satellite coverage, when other units lose reception due to internal antennaes etc...

    Another neat thing about these Garmins, is the ability to change the display to "vertical" or "horizontal" display. I found this useful, as I used vertical on my bike, and horizontal in the car..

    I think $150 is a good price..

    Here is a link to one for sale on Epinions for $275, and a review of it..

    And 2 photos of the one I have for sale...